Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shortage of teachers hits education

LUCKNOW: Even as the government-aided
degree colleges in the state are reeling under acute deficit of teachers, the
state authorities have failed to come up out with a policy to undertake the
situation. Out of 14,482 instruction stations in 345 government-aided
colleges, around 3,000 are vacant. In Lucknow, as many as 60 out of 700 stations in
20 colleges are vacant. The teacher-student ratio is around 1:100. In some
colleges, the full section is being tally by a single
teacher. Sample this: There is only one instructor each for zoological scientific discipline and
botany topics for 1500 pupils in the science section of DAV College. In
Khunkhunji Girls̢۪ Degree College, one instructor each is instruction psychology,
economics and Urdu to all the barium students. Similarly, Krishna Devi Girls̢۪
Degree College have only one instructor each for political science, ancient Indian
history and economics. Shashi Bhushan Degree College have one instructor each for
economics, English Language and political science. In National PG College, education,
English, Hindi, psychology, political science, anthropology and geography
subjects are being taught by lone 1 teacher. Students are the worst
sufferers. "Forget about quality education, here even the courses of study are not being
completed on time. We have got to depend on self-studies Oregon coaching," said Deepak
Sharma, a student. Shruti, another student, felt that deficit of instructors was
the chief ground why higher instruction in UP slowdowns behind other states. College
managements are incapacitated over the issue. The reason: Higher Education Service
Commission have not made fresh assignments since long. Though choices for a
few backlog stations were held but the full procedure was stayed by the High Court
on a judicial writ petition. The proviso of contract assignment have also been stayed
by the court. The authorities had, in August 2006, directed to re-employ retired
teachers up to the age of 65 old age as a impermanent measurement to ran into the crisis. It
was agreed that re-employed instructors will be paid Rs 100 per lecture. The
maximum amount should be Rs 5,000. The authorities had then assured to bear the
financial expenses. But when some colleges applied for blessing under the scheme
last month, they were told by the higher instruction board of directors that the go has
also been quashed. Miyan Jaan, director, higher education
directorate, said that authorities is trying to undertake the
issue. However, Maulindu Mishra, president, Lucknow University
Associated Colleges Teachers Association, (LUACTA), said that re-employment GO
still bes but it have not been implemented because the proviso of providing
funds to the colleges for re-employment have not been approved by the finance
department. "The authorities had assured us recently in a meeting that order on
re-employment volition be executed as early as possible after removing all the
impediments," he said and added that the higher instruction board of directors in
misguiding the people by saying that the re-employment go have been
quashed." LUACTA have also written to the higher instruction minister
requesting him to intervene. Mishra said that re-employment is the lone option
which offers speedy solution, although a impermanent 1 till all the vacant posts
are filled through the proper choice procedure.

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