Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Japan Will Fund Stem Cell Research of Human Skin, NHK Reports

A Nipponese authorities federal agency decided
to apportion finances for research to men of science who discovered how
to convert human tegument cells into root cells, public broadcaster
NHK reported, without citing anyone.

The determination yesterday, two hebdomads after the scientific
finding, was made unexpectedly early for the Japanese Islands Science and
Technology Agency, the NHK said. As much as respective billions of
dollars may be made available, NHK said.

Ordinary tegument cells from the human face of a 36-year-old woman
and the prepuce of a newborn were turned into root cells and
may have got the powerfulness to go any cell in the body, according to
reports in the diaries Science and Cell on Nov. 20.

U.S. and Nipponese scientific squads each inserted four genes
into the tegument cells, switching on a procedure that born-again them
to a word form equivalent to embryonal root cells. The cells were
then changed into heart, brain, muscle, fat and gristle cells
by one squad using proved methods for growing tissue from
embryonic cells.

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