Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Students Broadcast Science Research

Undergraduate men of science set aside their laboratory coats on Saturday afternoon, donning lawsuits and achromatic “got research?” T-shirts arsenic they mingled in the Science Center atrium for the Harvard University Undergraduate Research Symposium. The symposium, organized by members of the newly formed Harvard University College Undergraduate Research Association, provided a locale for pupils to show and discourse the scientific research they had performed. “We desire to give undergrads the opportunity to be the 1s answering inquiries instead of asking questions,” said Shiv M. Gaglani ’10, the group’s initiation president. About 50 pupils displayed their research at the symposium. “There is no point in doing research unless you air it,” said Saint Andrew Berry, a concentration advisor in the life sciences. Five of the undergrads presenting at the symposium also gave short negotiation about their research. Theodore R. Pak ’09, who spoke about his research on deoxyribonucleic acid sequence repeats, said that Harvard University supplies ample support and chances for pupil research. “Whatever you’re interested in, there is generally person workings on it,” Pak said. “It’s A great clip to see what you like and happen out what’s interesting you.”
Another student, Sophie Rengarajan ’10, presented the work she did at Caltech last summertime to analyze the personal effects of smells on neurons. “I believe [research] really unmaskings you to a side of scientific discipline you can’t acquire in the classroom,” Rengarajan said. “It lets pupils to be a batch more creative.”
Attendees also heard addresses from three professional researchers. Prince Edward J. Benz Jr., president and chief executive officer of the Danu Farber Cancer Institute, drew from his ain experiences as an undergraduate at Princeton and as a pupil at Harvard University Checkup School to stress the importance of determination good mentors. He also encouraged pupils to prosecute callings in academic medicine. Seth Thomas M. Michel ’77, the manager of human biological science and translational medical specialty at the Harvard University University Checkup School, and Gregory Xiii Xiii A. Llacer, the manager of the Harvard Program for Research in Science and Technology Gregory, also spoke at the event. Shantanu K. Gaur ’08 organized the first-ever Harvard University Undergraduate Research Symposium last year, but passed the duty for this weekend’s event on to the Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association, which was approved as a pupil grouping in April.

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